Public Safety & Utilities

Affordable two-way radio systems and solutions to help first responders and public utility providers save time, money and lives during emergencies.

Schools & Buses

More than ever, schools face security concerns, whether it’s crowd control at a high school football game, coordinating a fire drill or dealing with an armed intruder on campus. 

We can help you protect your students and faculty while on campus or on the road. Call us today for a comprehensive presentation of Metrolink and service advantages & integrations with law enforcement systems

Trucking & Transportation

We can help keep your drivers in constant communication, focused on their destinations and safer on the road. Our radios, systems and coverage areas are ideal for gravel and dump trucks, construction sites, cement trucks, garbage trucks, electric utility trucks and many more.

  • Control flow of service – Customer calls office = Office dispatches technician = Technician repairs/delivers and reports in = Office bills customer
  • Comply with DOT Rules & Regulations

  • Avoid distracted driving to reduce tickets, accidents and lawsuits

Other Industries

Clear, instant communication is vital to any business. So consider the value and benefits of Metrolink , letting you talk to all of your trucks/employees at one time with crystal clear sound in coverage. We also offer POC devices for nationwide coverage. POC devices are still DOT compliant and offer dispatch from PC.

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